Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fall Into Reading 2011 Challenge: Wrap Up Post

Callapidder Days' Fall Into Reading Challenge ended yesterday. I did not read all the books I had originally planned to but I was able to finish these from the list:

1. In Between Lies-Shawna Hill
2. I Loved You First-Reena Jacobs
3. Message from a Mistress-Niobia Bryant
4. The Million Dollar Divorce-RM Johnson
5. If You Walked In My Shoes-Gywnne Forster
6. The Hot Box-Zane
7. Breaking Dawn-Stephenie Meyer
8. Halloween Night-RL Stine
9. Halloween Party-RL Stine
(I am currently reading Indulgence in Death by JD Robb, which is also on that list.)

In addition, I also read these books:

10. Visions of Sugar Plums-Janet Evanovich
11. God's Gift to Women-Michael Baisen

I don't really have a favorite book from this bunch, although I really enjoyed Breaking Dawn, The Million Dollar Divorce, and The Hot Box.

I did enjoy the challenge and I hope to participate in it again next year.

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