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Review-New Moon

New Moon (Twilight, #2)New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

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Okay, so I was all prepared to dislike New Moon. I was told that this is the book where Edward goes away and I was not looking forward to pages upon pages upon pages of Bella's incessant whining and pining. I was also told that this is the book where she starts spending more time with Jacob and we find out more about him. I was all like "No! I don't care about Jacob! I don't want to read about Jacob and learn about his back story." So yeah, I thought New Moon would be a slow read for me.

That was not the case. I actually like this one even better than Twilight. First of all, I loved the way it began with Bella's birthday and the dream with her "grandma", realizing that she would be growing older while Edward remains the same. I loved the birthday party with Bella getting cut and the vampires reacting. I also didn't mind the part where Edward leaves, and I appreciated what SM did to cut out the whining and pining.

So then the best part happens. Bella decides she wants to be reckless so she gets some old, beat up motorcycles and asks Jacob to fix them up for her. They start spending more time together and Jacob becomes her best friend, even though he has a huge crush on her.

I barely paid any attention to Jacob in Twilight. I absolutely LOVED him in this book and he is now my favorite character. He just seems so cute and sweet! I was really hoping for a while that Bella would forget all about sparkle-boy and make Jacob happy by getting with him.

But then sadly, Jacob undergoes his transformation and becomes a werewolf, a werewolf that hunts "bloodsuckers." Even though he is bigger and meaner here, I still liked him. I hate what he does to Bella right at the end (with the motorcycles and Charlie) and I HOPE that he doesn't become a total a$$ in Eclipse. I know that Bella and Edward end up together, and I'm completely fine with that because I agree with Bella: Jacob is too good for her. She and Sparkle can have each other, Jacob needs to be with a more understanding, non-crazy girl (like me.)

Anyways, so the best parts of the book were all the Jacob parts. Eventually something happens where Edward thinks that Bella has died, so he decides to go to the Volturi and have himself killed. So Alice gets Bella and they go save him. This part was so boring. I don't care about the Volturi.

Edward and the Cullens come back home and Bella once again wants to become a vampire and has the Cullens vote on whether or not she will become one. Thankfully we get to see more Jacob before the book ends, although this is when he's being a meany again.

All in all, the book was great, all except for about 60 or so pages at the end with all that Volturi stuff. I hope to see more of Jacob in Eclipse. I don't mind werewolf Jacob, I just don't want total meanie Jacob. Even though I don't want them to date, I do like the friendship between he and Bella. He makes her somewhat tolerable.

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