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Review-Right Package, Wrong Baggage

Right Package, Wrong BaggageRight Package, Wrong Baggage by Wanda B. Campbell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book!

It tells the story of Pamela, a widow, and her 6-year-old son Matthew. Matthew has decided to give his mother a very special gift for Christmas: his basketball coach, Micah Stevenson. Micah and Pamela begin dating, and fall in love. Pam is ready for Micah to propose to her, and instead, one night he tells her something about his past that totally changes their relationship. Pamela has to decide if she can look past his former indiscretions, as well as some of the skeletons she's hidden in her own closet, and decide if she will let Micah into her family.

I was a little put off at the beginning of the story, which starts with Matthew giving Micah as a present. Micah and Pam had already met each other, and I'm so used to stories like this starting with the main characters seeing each other for the first time in the book. But Pam and Micah had already met, and Micah had been interested, but never acted on anything until Matthew decided to give him as a present.

I was totally shocked when I found out what Micah's secret was. I thought it would be something like dealing drugs or murder, or something like that. I give Micah major props for admitting it to Pam. Due to my own ignorance, after finding out his secret, I was ready to complete write him off myself and thought there was no way Pamela should be with him. But Micah actually ended up as my favorite character in the book. Very sympathetic character. I liked Pamela also, she reacted in the same way I would have. Her secret was a shock to me also, and I liked the growth she showed throughout the book. I was happy with the story's ending, and would even love to know more about what happens to Pam and Micah in the future.

I also enjoyed the minor characters in this book. I thought little Matthew was cute and not too annoying/grown like a lot of the little kids in books can be. The side story with the romance between Micah's friend AC and Pamela's friend Jessica, was cute, also and thankfully kept small and didn't take over the main story. Also, although this is Christian-fiction, it didn't get too overdrawn and preachy, but had a very good message.

I definitely recommend this book!!!

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