Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I am very saddened to see that all of the Borders bookstores in my area will be closing soon.

Despite the fact that I buy all my books from either Barnes and Noble (because of my NC) or Amazon, I have always had a special place in my heart for Borders. I worked as a cashier at Borders for most of my college years and it was such a great job. One of the stores that's closing, the Bowie store, is the one I worked at. I loved that job so much. Being around books all day? Who could complain! The only bad thing was that the majority of my paycheck went right back to them.

Another one of the stores that's closing, the Largo store, is the one I've gone to the most often lately, since it's right up the street from me. When I want to get some grading done, it was a good place to go and set up a table in the cafe and grade while people-watching.

So despite my Border love, why did I become an Amazon/B&N girl? Well, Amazon was great for shopping from home, plus I love the whole free shipping for orders over $25. I could also get a lot of the more obscure books, and a lot of my teacher resource books on Amazon.

As for B&N, before the Borders in Largo was built, the closest one to me was the one in Bowie. There's also a B&N in Bowie, which is actually in the mall that I frequently go to there. So it just made more sense to stop in at B&N while shopping at the mall, than to drive extra and go to Borders. And now that I have Strawberry (my NC), I pretty much have to buy books from them.

So I'm sorry for seeing Borders go. I always liked the layout of Borders better than B&N's anyway. I'm thankful to Borders for helping me be the great reader I am today, as well as keeping me a broke but employed college student, lol. RIP Borders, you will be missed!

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  1. It is sad. There isn't a close Borders to where I now live, but when I lived in Oklahoma I really preferred going there to Barnes and Noble. When you mentioned the layout of Borders I was nodding in agreement- they do have a better layout! And their music and dvds are a much better price (usually) then Barnes and Noble.