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Review-Big Girls Do Cry

Big Girls Do CryBig Girls Do Cry by Carl Weber

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Big Girls Do Cry is the sequel to Carl Weber's novel Something on the Side. I read SotS a year or so ago, and while I remember liking it at the time, I don't remember too much about it, other than Tammy and Egypt's threesome. Anyways, this book has two of the characters from that one, Egypt and Isis, as well as two new characters, Loraine and Jerome.

Egypt and Isis are sisters, and Egypt is now married to Isis's ex-boyfriend Rashad. Isis is living with Egypt and Rashad while she attempts to get her life together after not being able to be with her married lover, Tony. Isis and Egypt really don't get along too well and Isis is bent on getting Rashad back any way that she can. Egypt desperately wants to have a baby for Rashad, but she is unable to do so, so she asks Isis to be their surrogate, which she more than happily agrees to, since she thinks this will bring her closer to Rashad.

Let me just say, that I really couldn't stand Egypt or Isis. Isis is a horrible human being and clearly mentally unstable. Egypt is clearly an idiot who, even though she knows Isis is trying to steal her man, she's too caught up on trying to make Rashad happy by giving him a baby, that she allows Isis back into their lives. One of my favorite scenes that shows Egypt's idiocy is when Loraine calls her venting about her own man troubles and says she's going to confront her husband about his mistress, and Egypt is like "Oh, you should take a friend along just in case things get out of hand," and Loraine is all "Oh yeah, I'm taking my two good friends Smith and Wesson with me," and Egypt's like "Oh ok, well as long as you have someone." LOL. The ending of Egypt and Isis's story was very predictable. I really liked their mother who wasn't afraid to stand up to Isis and her shenanigans.

Then we have the other two main characters, Loraine and Jerome. Loraine is Egypt and Jerome's boss, and Jerome is her gay best friend. Jerome loves sleeping with married men and all is good until one of those men begins stalking him and wreaking havoc on his life. Another predictable, over-done storyline, but I really liked the character of Jerome, right up until the end when he does something to Loraine that I think is pretty unforgivable.

Loraine has been married to Leon for some years now and she is not happy with their sex life. When she finds some other woman's panties in her bed and couch she begins suspecting that Leon is cheating on her. This leads her to hook up with an old friend Michael, who's been in love with her for years. She and Jerome's story ends in a cliffhanger, which is continued in Mr. Weber's next book Torn Between Two Lovers. I really liked the character of Loraine and I am looking forward to reading TBTL to see who she picks between Leon and Michael, and if she and Jerome will be able to repair their relationship.

I give this book 3 stars, it was able to hold my interest and I did like a few of the characters, but again, many of the storylines were tired and predictable. I'm glad that Egypt and Isis's story is over.

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