Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Reading Recap

April was a horrible month for me, so not too much reading took place.

Books Read: 5
Favorite Book Read: Torn Between Two Lovers by Carl Weber
Least Favorite Book: all the other 4 were equally blah
Number of Books Purchased: 2
Library Visits: 2
Books Won/Received: 1

Challenge Progress:
*100 Books in a Year Challenge: 5 Total: 24
*Mystery and Suspense Challenge: 1 Total: 5
*YA of the '80s/'90s Challenge: 0 Total: 1
*Show Me the Free Challenge: 0 Total: 1
*Read Me Baby, One More Time: 0 Total: 1
*Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge: 0 Total: 0
*E-Book Challenge: 0 Total: 1
*YA Reading Challenge: 1 Total: 6

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