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Review-Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed (Darcy & Rachel, #1)Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rachel White is the consummate good girl. A hard-working attorney at a large Manhattan law firm and a diligent maid of honor to her charmed best friend Darcy, Rachel has always played by all the rules. Since grade school, she has watched Darcy shine, quietly accepting the sidekick role in their lopsided friendship. But that suddenly changes the night of her thirtieth birthday when Rachel finally confesses her feelings to Darcy's fiance, and is both horrified and thrilled to discover that he feels the same way. As the wedding date draws near, events spiral out of control, and Rachel knows she must make a choice between her heart and conscience. In so doing, she discovers that the lines between right and wrong can be blurry, endings aren't always neat, and sometimes you have to risk everything to be true to yourself.

This was a really good book, although very predictable. Everything that you think will happen, does, but the book still kept me on the edge of my seat, wondering if it would deviate from the predictable path (it never does.)

I really liked the character of Rachel and I could identify with her in a lot of ways. Not in the having-an-affair-with-your-best-friend's-fiance way, but because I know what it's like to be 30 and still single and feeling as though you will live the rest of your life alone. I could identify with feeling as though you are always in competition with your friends. And once she and Dex began the affair, I could understand her pain and frustration of not knowing if he shared the same feelings as her.

We are clearly supposed to dislike Darcy, which I do. Just when you are wondering why Rachel even bothers being friends with her, there is the scene with their sleepover after Darcy's bridal shower, which I thought was really cute and allowed me to like Darcy a little bit, up until the end when she messed that up again. I do like Emily Giffin's writing style and I am curious to see what happens with Rachel and Dex's relationship and Rachel and Darcy's friendship, so I do plan on reading Something Blue, the sequel to this one, even though it is from Darcy's point of view.

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  1. SOBO is one of my all time favorite books, along with the sequel. It will be interesting to hear your thoughts of Darcy after reading her point of view.

    Did you see the movie yet?