Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Sorry, did not mean to complete abandon this blog, it's just that school's been crazy so far. I hope to get things going again at the start of the year. Here are the books I've read and enjoyed over the past few weeks:
Fly on the Wall-Trista Russell (a high school senior and a teacher engage in a torrid affair...LOVED it)- 5 stars
Celebrity in Death- JD Robb (while making a movie based on one of Eve's cases, one of the main actresses is murdered...LOVED it ) 5 stars
The Next Best Thing- Deidre Berry (cute story, liked the main character) - 4 stars
Keeping Misery Company- Michelle Larks 5 stars
Naked Love-Darnella Ford 5 stars
Platinum-Aliya S. King 4 stars
What She Left Behind- Tracy Bilen (young adult novel about a girl's mother who goes missing. Interesting story, although I didn't really like how it ended) 4 stars
The Other Side of Goodness- Vanessa Davis Griggs 4 stars
Not Quite What It Seems- Mari Walker 4 stars
Naughty and Nice- Eric Jerome Dickey 4 stars

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