Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Challenge Roundup

Here's how I did on my 2012 challenges:

Goodreads ChallengeFAIL
I wanted to read 65 books, but only managed 59.

The Book Vixen's Outdo Yourself Challenge FAIL
I read 61 books last year, so I wasn't able to surpass that this year.

Why Buy the Cow Reading Challenge FAIL
I wanted to read at least 12 free e-books this year. I read NONE, zip, zero, nada.

Support Your Local Library Challenge SUCCESS!
Midway through the year I upped my level to Level 4 (37+) books and I ended up reading 53 library books.

2012 E-Book Challenge FAIL
I wanted to read 10 e-books. I ended up reading only 4 e-books (One for the Money and the 50 Shades Trilogy)

2012 Mystery and Suspense Challenge FAIL
I wanted to read 12 mystery/suspense novels, I ended up only reading 9.

Fall Into Reading Challenge SUCCESS and FAIL
It was a success because I read more than the original 10 books that I posted (I read 12 books in that timeframe.) It was a fail because I only read 1 of the books from my original list.

Now, some of the questions from The Perpetual Page Turner's End of Year Survey:

1. Best Book I read in 2012? - White Lines by Tracy Brown
2. Most Disappointing Book- The Fifty Shades Trilogy. I did enjoy it, I just thought it would be better than it was.
3. Most surprising book? - The Bum Magnet. Seriously didn't think it would be good, but it was awesome.
4. Book I recommended to people the most? - White Lines
5. Best series? - The White Lines series. can't wait for part 3!
6. Favorite New Authors - Carla Pennington, Miasha, K.L. Brady
7. Book that was out of my comfort zone/ different genre- A Stolen Life, the Jaycee Dugard story
8. Most thrilling, unputdownable book- Diary of a Mistress
9. Most memorable character- I'm gonna cheat and do the most memorable couple. Definitely Jada and Born from White Lines.

My top 10 favorite books of 2012:
1. White Lines-Tracy Brown
2. White Lines 2: Sunny- Tracy Brown
3. The Bum Magnet-K.L. Brady
4. Got a Right to be Wrong- K.L. Brady
5. The Available Wife Part 2- Carla Pennington
6. Diary of a Mistress- Miasha
7. Another Man Will- Daaimiah S. Poole
8. Fly on the Wall- Trista Russell
9. Celebrity in Death- JD Robb
10. Treachery in Death- JD Robb

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