Sunday, April 8, 2012

Review-I'm Telling

I'm TellingI'm Telling by Karen E. Quinones Miller

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This story had a very good premise, but was not executed well.

The main character is Faith, who when she was younger, witnessed her stepfather sexually molesting her twin sister, Hope.

Fast forward to when they are adults, Faith is a successful book editor with a loving boyfriend named Henry. Hope, on the other hand, has spent much of her time out on the streets, doing whatever she can to get drugs. Their mother takes Hope in, but throws her out once she catches Hope sleeping with the mother's boyfriend.

This story was all over the place, and the characters were never really developed. Although Hope was obviously very messed up after having been molested as a teen (since she thinks it was her fault) it was never fully explored in the novel. The ending seemed very rushed and forced, although the summary on the back of the book makes it seem as if that's a major part of the novel, when it really only ends up being about 3-5 pages at the end. I'm not sure what the purpose of Faith's friend and business partner Ann was, or her relationship with Carol. I know that it helped set up the ending (which I could see coming from a mile away) but their story was unresolved and I don't know why it had to be mentioned anyway.

Almost gave this two stars, but it did keep me interested enough to want to see what would happen, so I gave it a 3. Definitely not a must read, though.

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  1. I read this before it was soooo good!

  2. wikd, a karen Q book. I'm surprise!!!
    How's the teaching this year?