Friday, November 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1 Premiere

Tonight I was able to see an advance screening of Breaking Dawn Part 1. omg, it was amazing!!!! I loved it! And I'm going to see it again on Saturday with my boyfriend! Can't wait!


  1. That was one pic I was not interested in nor the book,however,why my son goes and get tickets for entire family and I was vetoed so to the show I went. It was a good plot. didnt care for the werewolves and crap but storyline was alright.Now you know this is going to go to book 5 or six with a whole new series picking up once that child becomes and adult. lol

  2. Wasn't it awesome?! I went opening weekend to see it. I love to see the Twilight movies because it brings what I read to the big screen.

    Sidne, I wouldn't mind a whole new series with Reneesme.