Saturday, October 22, 2011

Review-If You Walked In My Shoes

If You Walked In My ShoesIf You Walked In My Shoes by Gwynne Forster

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In this story we have Coreen a successful business woman who has a secret: years ago when she was a teenager she was raped by a classmate, and she gave the baby up for adoption. No one knows this, including her husband Bates and his two sons. Coreen and Bates already have enough strain on their marriage, due to her blossoming career.

Frieda Davis is the child that Coreen gave up all those years ago, and now, as a grown woman, she has vowed to find Coreen and get revenge on her for giving her up and causing her to spent years being sexually abused by her foster father. She comes up with a plan to ease her way into Coreen's life so that she can make it miserable.

The premise of this book sounded really good, but unfortunately did not live up to that. It dragged on in many parts and not one of the characters was likeable at all. The only thing that kept me reading was to see exactly what Frieda would do when she finally met up with Coreen and even that was a letdown. This is a generous 3-star rating.

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